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Loyalty Truth Evolves: 3 New Series Launched

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After more than 100 posts I can say that Loyalty Truth has achieved a degree of permanency.

Founded on my own conviction and commitment, it is a welcome relief to have help. I express my gratitude to guest contributors Tom Rapsas, Jim Kuschill, Brian Kryzanski, and Mike Capizzi. They have each written about aspects of Loyalty Marketing where they have particular expertise and collectively they represent a growing foundation of support for this blog.

With so much to write about in the evolving Loyalty Marketing industry, the opportunity is here to establish some themes to follow for the future. Keep your eye out for articles categorized as “Loyalty 201“, “Loyalty in Any Language“, and “Loyalty Futures“. In addition, we’ll continue to document instances of the “Loyalty Asterisk“, to address the gotchas and tripwires of Loyalty Marketing.

  • Loyalty 201 will address how essential elements of the business are evolving to meet the needs of increasingly empowered and knowledgeable customer groups. Here you will read about new directions in rewards, communications, and marketing technology which drive higher ROI for loyalty program sponsors. I’m assuming that my readers understand the basics and are ready to move on to consume solid food!
  • Loyalty in Any Language will share learning from international markets. The influence of culture, custom, and unique business environments on the execution of effective marketing strategy is undeniable. These posts will provide a vital resource for any company with cross border interests. I will not only share my own first hand experiences working outside of our borders, but will showcase loyalty leaders from key markets around the world.
  • Loyalty Futures will take inventory of just about anything that can be found in the crystal ball of Customer-centric strategic marketing. Where innovation in building brand loyalty and changing customer behavior is observed, we’ll share it here. Lots of big companies are trying to connect the dots of social media, millennials, digital CRM, and profitability and Loyalty Truth will makes its contribution to the cause.

According to what I read in the blogosphere, my approach to Loyalty Truth is somewhat non-conforming.

  • I am driven by substance, not frequency of posting. Though I manage to get a dozen or so posts up each month, I have yet to publish a “throw away” article and hope I never do. There is so much change underway in Loyalty marketing that my inventory of “posts-to-do” is outpacing my time to properly research and post. This approach should translate into high quality posts that are almost mini case studies by themselves. You can be the judge.
  • Balancing quality and readability is the next challenge. Beyond a certain length, you won’t spend time to read what’s posted, so I am saving some bigger topics for white papers to be published on the Hanifin Loyalty website.
  • Lastly, I have to admit that while writing is an enjoyable pursuit, I publish Loyalty Truth with a purpose. The perspective, opinion, and experience that is baked into each post is meant to offer a teasing glimmer of insight into the value that Hanifin Loyalty brings to its clients. We confidently offer the highest level of strategic advice as well as exacting project management and tactical execution services to make sure clients reach their profitability targets. Give us a chance to serve as your portal for top-tier decision making. You’ll find there is still quite a value to be found in the dollar these days.

I hope you will enjoy these new features and spread the word about Loyalty Truth.

Enjoy the journey….


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