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6 keys to connecting with the most economically powerful generation in history

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6 keys to connecting with the most economically powerful generation in history
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1 – Marketing to Millennials requires Transparency
This is a generation that will reject a hard bargain, and that will spread the word quickly if they believe the claims you make in your content are false or miss expectations. Making a legitimate connection with millennials is vital because they are an extraordinarily loyal customer base. Influencer marketing can help your content go viral, but use caution in your choice of spokespeople.

2 – Millennials Have a Fear of Missing Out
Fear of missing out, known as FOMO, is the reason that members of Generation Y are constantly checking into social media platforms. The younger generation almost believes things aren’t real until it’s on social media and/or the internet.

3 – Social Issues Are Important
Millennials want to conduct business with companies that are socially conscious. You are more likely to connect with this generation if you share the benefits of your good work with your customer base.

4 – Accept that Reviews and Referrals Rule Over Advertising
Millennials will seek feedback from friends and family but rely even more heavily on product reviews online. User-generated content is a more trusted source of information on products and services for Millennials than one-way messages promoted by business.

5 – Don’t Ignore the Diversity Within This Generation
Members of Generation Y are highly diverse and include everything from college students to married couples who have kids and own homes. This is important to remember when you are creating content for millennials. One message does not fit all.

6 – Be Present on Multiple Devices
On an average day, a millennial views content on their smartphone plus another device such as a tablet or laptop. Not only does this mean all content must be optimized across all devices, it also means you must understand differences in user behavior by device type.


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