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Ready For Some Mega Awards?

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Ready For Some Mega Awards?
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I’m not much of a TV guy, but noticed that we just streaked through the awards season with Miss Universe, the Emmy Awards, and the Video Music Awards all shown within a few week period.

Now we get into the REAL award season … The Mega Awards are open for nomination now and the winners will be announced during the Airline Information Mega Event 2010, to be held October 12-13 in Montreal.

What’s a Mega Award?

A Mega Award recognizes marketing campaign excellence by Airlines, Vendors, and Professionals in the areas of Loyalty Marketing, Social Media, and Ancillary Revenue & Merchandising.

Winners of a Mega Award are decided by a Judging Academy comprised of airline and travel industry media and I’m proud to be part of the judging panel this year.

The awards event will be hosted by Tony Fernandes, CEO & Founder Air Asia and Freddie Laker, Director Digital Strategy SapientNitro.  Campaigns launched and/or executed in the calendar year 2009 will be considered for nomination and will be placed in one of 6 categories.

  • Best in Airline Loyalty
  • Most Innovative Loyalty Technology
  • Best in Airline Social Media
  • Best Ancillary Revenue Product
  • Loyalty Manager of the Year
  • Merchandising Manager of the year

Nominated campaigns will be evaluated on four criteria:

  1. Branding (For entries pertaining to loyalty, social media, and ancillary products & services)
  2. Strategy
  3. Innovation
  4. Results (Financial and customer appeal)

The Mega Awards is a highlight among many planned for the Mega Event 2010 which combines three acclaimed events – The “FFP” Loyalty Conference, “ARAC” Ancillary Revenue Conference, and the “Co-Brand” Partnerships Conference – each with its own independent agenda, but with content available to all delegates.

To top it off, there will be keynote talks by Don Peppers, Author & Co-Founder Peppers & Rogers Group, Patrick Murphy, Fmr Chairman Ryanair and Rupert Duchesne, Chairman & CEO Groupe Aeroplan.

As if you needed an excuse to visit Montreal in the fall, the Mega Event might even top the beauty of the fall color change!



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