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My Skoda Loyalty Programme Hits the Road

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My Skoda Loyalty Programme Hits the Road
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ŠKODA is one of the oldest auto manufacturers in the world with roots building bicycles in the former Czechoslovakia. Over the course of more than 100 years, the brand has become known for quality and has proliferated across the world. In 1991 ŠKODA joined the Volkswagen Group, and today is one of the top 10 bestselling auto brands in Ireland.

To buoy its fortunes across the Emerald Isle, the auto maker has launched My ŠKODA Loyalty Programme, a free membership club that gives  ŠKODA owners the opportunity to earn benefits while maintaining their vehicle and having a little fun along the way.

ŠKODA has an eye to rewarding customers in the short term as they service and maintain their vehicles, but are also attentive to the big picture, allowing members to earn points during service visits which can be saved and redeemed towards the purchase of their next car. A summary of the program benefits can be found here.

In short, members can enjoy free vehicle health checks, 10% discounts off genuine ŠKODA accessories and services at the local retailer, as well as gain access to exclusive dining, travel, and shopping offers. ŠKODA has partnered with popular brands in Ireland including Apple, Aer Lingus, Dell, Elvery Sports, and Tesco to deliver these rewards. To keep ŠKODA top-of-mind for the next auto purchase, the program offers members the ability to earn points with each service at the local ŠKODA retailer which can be saved and redeemed against the purchase of a new car.

If you aren’t familiar with the brand, you can visit the ŠKODA website and enjoy a great example of how an auto maker can quickly familiarize the newcomer to the benefits of buying one of its vehicles.  If that hook doesn’t work, ŠKODA stays in the public eye with its enduring commitment to professional cycling, one of the most popular sports in Europe. Check out the video here and you’ll get excited about SKODA even if you aren’t a cycling fan.

[youtube id=’cNunotJ14o8′ width=’640′ height=’360′ /]

Building customer loyalty to a business that has a purchase cycle long enough that the world can change between purchase decisions is a task probably too great for any marketer to claim an answer. That doesn’t mean that auto makers shouldn’t try to chip away at the goal, and ŠKODA has taken a smart first step. My ŠKODA Loyalty not only offers the expected, but borrows on the company’s legacy in cycling to create an emotional attachment with specific groups of consumers. The mere fact that ŠKODA refers to its dealerships as “retailers” tells me that we should expect the unexpected from this auto maker. Maybe My ŠKODA Loyalty is just the first step.

See you on the road.



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