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Mother’s Day wishes go Viral

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There have been a number of viral marketing campaigns that have created a vortex of attention online and, today being Mother’s Day, I have to add MomsRising to the list.

I innocently clicked through an invitation to celebrate Mother’s Day in a unique way and was surprised at what I found. The link landed me on the “Mother of the Year” video which I easily customized and sent to several of my favorite “Moms”. It was easy, funny, and I got positive feedback from several of the recipients.

At last look on the MomsRising web site, there have been over 7 million views of the video, making it officially a viral marketing success.

What’s behind the organization? According to the web site, “MomsRising is working to bring together millions of people who share a common concern about the need to build a more family-friendly America. Started in May of 2006, MomsRising has gained over 150,000 citizen members and is rapidly growing”.

This is a great example of a group that knows what its about and consciously crafted a campaign that was compelling enough to drive engagement and subtle in its effort to raise awareness for its mission.

I can’t vouch in more detail for their intentions, but raising awareness for the importance of Motherhood can’t be all bad.  They’re on Twitter and can be followed @MomsRising.

I’m headed to the Word of Mouth Marketing Association event in South Beach this week and can’t wait to get more feedback on this, the latest, of viral marketing campaigns to solidly hit the bulls-eye.

Let me know what you think of this effort and send me suggestions for your favorite viral campaign from the past year.

Happy Mother’s Day!



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