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Dippin’ Dots Launches Dot Crazy! Rewards Club

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Dippin’ Dots Launches Dot Crazy! Rewards Club
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Dippin’ Dots, or as most people know it, “the ice cream of the future” announced the launch of a its new Dot Crazy! Rewards Club. The announcement was made on Facebook, which might be the first hint that this is not your average customer loyalty program. With the help of Rocktops Digital Media’s patented Bubandu platform, Dippin’ Dots is engaging a loyal fan base online via a mobile loyalty app and without the need to put a membership card in consumer hands.

The Bubandu platform is an “augmented reality viewer” which will allow customers to scan a wide-variety of qualifying purchases from Dippin’ Dot locations to earn points. Dana Knudsen, Director of Marketing for Dippin’ Dots said, “We are excited about this approach to augmented reality and the loyalty format that eliminates the need for club members to have to keep up with a club card. Most of our customers carry their phones with them all the time anyway and everything is available to them on their smart phone. Our site in Bubandu will allow fans to bring the Dippin’ Dots experience home with them.”

These qualifying purchases can be made anywhere from flagship stores, kiosks, carnivals, vending machines, and of course online at The application is free and available for Android and Apple users and a physical card will NOT be required.

The platform tracks purchase history and shows your total points accumulated. One neat feature provided on the viewer are “experiences” which is an interactive event in-store (or at home if you scan a marker on the Dippin’ Dots website) that will “make it rain Dippin’ Dots” on the viewer screen.

Some game theory is applied to stimulate further member engagement. These “experiences” include “Bubble Gum Blaster” and “Cookies n’ Cream Machine” games. Through game play, loyalty program members will be able to redeem rewards such as free Dippin’ Dots ice cream and personalised merchandise.

Dippin’ Dots, LLC is headquartered in Paducah, Kentucky and the initial launch of the loyalty program will be available at 150 Dippin’ Dot locations throughout the United States.



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