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LoyaltyTruth.com is a unique source of independent and unbiased insights into all areas of customer-centric marketing. The site tracks the most powerful influences on customer purchase behavior and shares strategies and tactics that businesses can use to improve customer experience, increase levels of engagement and loyalty, and improve profitability.

The authors and contributors to this site are marketing practitioners, with years of experience working across different vertical markets and in diverse geographic areas.  Going beyond a journalist model, we offer you insight that comes as result of designing, launching, and measuring customer loyalty programs in many settings.

We also share a perspective grounded at the intersection of data-driven marketing, payment systems, and marketing technology. To be on top of your customer strategy game, it helps to understand how transactions are processed and which technologies are best aligned with your needs.

LoyaltyTruth.com is published by Hanifin Loyalty LLC, a full service agency delivering Customer Strategy and Business Intelligence solutions. Headquartered in the US, Hanifin Loyalty has a presence in Canada, Caribbean, and EU regions through its partnerships and affiliations.

The firm is led by Bill Hanifin, a recognized leader in the areas of loyalty marketing, payment systems, and marketing technology with an impressive history of developing and implementing loyalty and customer strategies for leading organizations around the world. Bill is a Founding Member of the Customer Strategy Network, serves as North American Contributing Editor for The Wise Marketer and is a member of the RetailWire BrainTrust.

For more information about Hanifin Loyalty, please visit www.HanifinLoyalty.com


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