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When Burgers Get Social

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Burgers are burgers, or are they?

With McDonald’s squarely on top of the QSR burger world, Burger King has resorted to some innovative advertising, to say the least. Visit their website, slide the bar marked “King” to the right, and you’ll find everything from “Subservient Chicken“, “Whopper Virgins“,  and “Simpsonize Me“. The chain has even launched a Whopper Bar in South Beach where the burger experience transcends from grease to glitz.

Opinion has been split on whether the “King” is creepy or cool and time will tell if the Whopper Bar finds acceptance outside of trendy Miami Beach. The only certainty about BK brand marketing of late was that somewhere lost in the search for creativity and customer engagement was the reliable tagline “Have it Your Way“.

Until now.

My good friend and occasional contributor to Loyalty Truth, Jim Kuschill found this gem of a video which I encourage you to watch below.


I’m not sure if Jim is a BK fan or just got back from Brazil, but the video is the official release documenting WHOPPER® FACE, an amalgam of “one cashier, one hidden cam, one printer” that Burger King is using to prove that its burgers are truly delivered expressly for you.

Ogilvy Brazil crafted this program and, while we’re not sure if it qualifies as a “campaign” that will proliferate across markets, it certainly makes a point about personalization, service,  and customer experience. While customers order their WHOPPER®, the hidden camera snaps their photo and and stamps the customer’s face on the burger wrapper.

1 to 1 marketing, meet quick service restaurant.



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