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Tropicana Juicy Rewards Survey Is (Mostly) On The Mark

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Tropicana Juicy Rewards Survey Is (Mostly) On The Mark
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Of all the email that fills my box during the Christmas season, a survey will always get my attention.

In a research project conducted by Hanifin Loyalty in 2009, we found that across 22 rewards programs in the Airline, Hotel, and Retail sectors, only 1.56% of total email sent was a survey. Considering that a stated objective of most loyalty programs is to create a dialogue to better understand customer preference, that figure seems low.

Tropicana sent me a survey this week in connection with its Juicy Rewards program. It was brief and focused on determining which rewards were most appealing to members.

Loyalty Truth reviewed Juicy Rewards in this post and we noted that the value proposition was strong given the value delivered for money spent. Looking under the “orange peel”, the value is made possible as most rewards are discounts on partner purchases, rather than hard dollars or merchandise.

My Loyalty Asterisk™sense tells me that Juicy Rewards members might have engaged by entering lots of codes, but redemption is either low or members have complained about lack of choice. Whatever the reason, Tropicana was smart to inquire if I was interested in using my points for a sweepstakes, donating to a charity, or for longer term saving to cash in for a more substantial reward.

They probed for my tolerance in accumulating points over time, asking what types of rewards I preferred over a 1,3, or 6 month period of time. Lastly they asked about specific charities and reward types I wanted to see in the program and even allowed space to write in my own preferred charity and reward item. I doubt that free entries to a sold out Ironman event got many votes, but I made my voice known.

Where the survey missed the mark was in not asking who they were talking with.

Let me explain: My wife does most of the shopping and probably didn’t even notice the on-carton information about Juicy Rewards. If she had, she would not have taken time to enroll as she would not be the type to enter codes online.

Only this Loyalty nerd would squint long enough to read the small-print codes on the carton and then take time to enter them online just to see what happens next. A consequence of this typical household scenario is that my wife changed juice brands without notice a few weeks ago. Probably there was a coupon or special on another brand and she went with the savings.

Suddenly our consumption of Tropicana came to a screeching halt and our participation in Juicy Rewards probably reflected the shift in behavior. If someone was looking at the data behind the scenes at Tropicana, they would notice this drop-off and could have sent me an email nicely reminding me that they are still on the shelves of my local grocer.

Just as important, they should have started the survey by asking if I was the one who did the grocery shopping in my house and, if not, request the contact info for the family member who did. Not everyone would volunteer this additional data, but its worth a try.

Congratulations to Tropicana for sending me a focused survey and allowing me to express my opinions to improve the program in my eyes. Knowing who you are talking to is absolutely fundamental to creating powerful insights from data and Tropicana missed the mark here.

To improve most loyalty programs today, we don’t have to come up with the next brilliant idea, we only need to execute fundamentals with greater discipline and attention to detail.

That’s how you can squeeze more juice out of any database.



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