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Recommended Reading for Marketers

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Recommended Reading for Marketers
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I wanted to share some light loyalty tips and comments for our version of the Weekend Journal. I’ve got three books on my shelf, all of which are being consumed on parallel tracks. I tend to do that as I find there is always one that captures my attention and can’t be put down, while another falls by the wayside.

Here are three books you should give a try:

The Impact Equation by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith

Chris Brogan is a forward thinker in the social economy and writes a compelling and thoughtful blog that you should follow. You’ll find a review here from Tim Sanders, a self styled “people-centric business expert” and someone I read regularly.

The Tasti D-Lite Way: Social Media Marketing Lessons for Building Loyalty and a Brand Customers Crave by BJ Emerson & James Amos

BJ is a trusted colleague and you’ll find me quoted somewhere deep in the pages. The important thing to know is that Tasti D-Lite was the first national restaurant chain to reward loyalty program members for interactions on the social graph, setting off the official beginning of “Social Loyalty”, a new phase of loyalty marketing development.

The Shopper Economy by Liz Crawford

Liz is a colleague whom I met through Retail Wire and a Senior industry analyst for the Path to Purchase Institute. Yep, I was interviewed for the book, though that is not my motivation to recommend it to your for a good read. It stands on its own.

Strategic Sales Presentations by Jack Malcolm

I had the privilege to work with Jack when we were both in the corporate banking world and he has since become an insightful trainer and developer for sales team worldwide. If you are in the business of selling anything – and who isn’t – grab this book and share it among your team.

You can find each of these books via these links, none are an affiliate link:

The Impact Equation

The Tasti D-Lite Way

The Shopper Economy

Strategic Sales Presentations

If your eyes get tired from all of this reading, regain your inspiration by checking in to live coverage of Ironman Florida. Whether you admire the sport or think the participants are nuts, I am confident you’ll be challenged in your gut to move off the couch and do something physical today.

As the Ironman folks say, “Anything is Possible“. I hope you’ll feel this way about your business as well after reading one or more of the recommended book.

Enjoy your weekend.


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