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Ten “R’s” to make 2014 a success

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Ten “R’s” to make 2014 a success
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I am always amused that Chris Brogan shares what he’s drinking as part of his weekend posts. After citing that he’s enjoying a “fill-in-the-blank” beverage of his choice, he normally asks the reader “You?”. Whether he is trialing a preplanned engagement tactic or just adding a bit of humanity to that day’s post, the small digital exchange makes me smile.

Well, today I was sipping on an organic Raw Kombucha tea, but wasn’t planning on sharing it with anyone in particular. That is, until my scan of the label sparked an instant connection to some of the key areas marketers need to engage in 2014 to improve the impact of their customer marketing efforts.

If you’re not familiar with the product, Raw Kombucha is a cultured tea that is loaded with essential enzymes, probiotics, and antioxidants. The brand I prefer is made by Millennium Products and has a great story which is worth reading. The founder began bottling the product in 1995 when he was 15 years old and the company has grown to be one of the most popular brands of Kombucha tea on the market. For the record, the tea is classified not only as a RAW Food, but is also as an alcoholic beverage due to some restrictive language issued by the FDA related to the level of yeast content in each bottle. I have no commercial interest in the product but if you want to try it, you’ll find it in stores like Whole Foods positioned with beer, wine and other alcohol-based products.

The label on the bottle is adorned with 10 powerful words, all beginning with the letter “R”. As I read them, I found an essential connection between the holistic health message the tea-maker was sending and the challenges that brands face in developing, maintaining and measuring their customer loyalty strategies.

Here are the ten “R’s” from the bottle label with with some customer marketing thoughts associated to each one:

  1. Reawaken – your brand, your vision for your objectives, and your profitability
  2. Rethink – your customer loyalty strategy
  3. Retain – your customers
  4. Reactivate – customers that have been lured away by competition or grown tired or complacent with your marketing
  5. Relive – or should it be “relieve” the points of friction in your customer marketing efforts
  6. Rebirth – your lead generation and your new customer acquisition
  7. Repurpose – your marketing resources, rethink discounts and price wars, start investing where you get the greatest return in your portfolio
  8. Rebuild – your brand affinity and goodwill in the market
  9. Reclaim – your brand promise by demonstrating it in your customer experience
  10. Restart – your growth engine, stimulate your profitability

You don’t ever have to put your lips on one bottle of RAW organic tea to relate to the ten R’s in the list. Maybe 2014 is the right time for some RAW thinking to enliven your customer loyalty strategy.


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