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Favorite Tweets from WOMM-U

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The Word of Mouth Marketing Association held its “WOMM-U” event last week in South Beach, and was attended by an impressive array of consumer brands including Dell, Disney, Heinz, Kraft, Lenovo, NBC, McDonalds, Pepsico, Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, and Walmart. Add to these familiar names, several titans of Web 2.0 Facebook, Google, MySpace, Yelp and YouTube and you can imagine attendees got their money’s worth during the two day event.

I’ll have a full conference report submitted to The WiseMarketer very soon, but couldn’t wait to share a few highlights. WOMMA puts on a good show and to keep the conversation lively, they shared a live Twitter feed in the main conference salon.  Two days of Tweets are archived on their web page and, taken as a whole, they provide color commentary for the event.

I wanted to share my favorites which were selected for being insightful, forward-looking, or just humorous. Hope you enjoy them and please follow the folks who generated the original content to continue the conversation.

  • It used to be that the homepage of your website was your first digital impression. Now it’s the Google search results. | @spikejones
  • Federated Media: Amex has found Twitter best online vehicle for advertising their small biz website | @leslieforde
  • Lenovo gave 100 Olympic athletes a free technology solution to blog live from Beijing…a social media plan with real teeth | @hyperdrivei
  • “Trying to change an organization is like swimming in peanut butter.” – Chris Aarons |@CatchUpLady
  • Facebook: focus on building movements, not campaigns | @tsiles
  • 50% of US families have broadband – look for video explosion – this is likely how people will consume info – Duncan Wardle | @CentsibleSawyer
  • Disney’s Ducan Wardle: Brands who don’t change from marketing to engaging will soon become nostalgia brands | @davekerpen
  • 90% of moms watch online video in last 7 days vs only 1/3 of all moms are in the blogosphere. Integrated marketing w/ moms a must | @MomTalkRadio
  • Duncan Wardle from Disney: It is NO LONGER about clicks and impressions. It’s about engagement , conversation and conversion. | @warrenss
  • “Internet is not a library of information anymore it is a social area for people.” – Kathryn Collins.|@tanyachadha
  • FTC Change “The communicator of the message must be transparent and honest.” Well that about says it all. | @jamietedford
  • Wonders what a talk at WOMMA looks like. Based on my feed, it’s quiet with hundreds of people looking down, typing madly on mobile devices. | @justicar


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