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3 Words for Loyalty Marketing in 2012

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3 Words for Loyalty Marketing in 2012
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Amid the overwhelming flow of information in our digital world, there are a few keepers. Chris Brogan is one of them. I don’t know him personally, don’t have any affiliate relationship with him, and am not trying to get him to follow me on Twitter. I just like to read his stuff.

Chris wrote about his approach to New Year’s resolutions in this post, instead choosing 3 words that would help him to focus on what’s most important for the year ahead. I like the idea and am still trying to reduce my personal list of keywords to single digits. Meanwhile, I found it easier to create a 3 word list for Loyalty Marketing in 2012 and wanted to share it for your consumption and discussion.

Let me know what your 3 words would be for this year and why you chose them. I’ve started a discussion on our Customer Strategy Network Facebook page and in a few LinkedIn groups where you can participate. If you prefer, just leave comments here on Loyalty Truth.


Loyalty marketers have been collecting customer data since the dawn of the business. To a great extent, that data has been under-utilized and this shortcoming threatens the trusted relationships we have with our customers. Consumer 2.0 is well aware that the portfolio of transaction and personal data that defines self is highly valuable to corporate America. Though we’ve been talking about increased leveraging of data as one of the biggest opportunities in Loyalty Marketing, 2012 might be the year that it happens.

Selecting Data as one of my 3 words for 2012 puts me in pretty strong company as I recently listened to Rupert Duchesne, Chairman of Aimia, speak about Data being the “New Oil”. And, just last week, I read that Foursquare was making public its intent to put its data to work as a tool for growing its business in 2012.


The mobile handset has been predicted by many to become the central platform for social shopping and payments. The Google Wallet was announced last year and payment/loyalty plays including Square, Dwolla, and LevelUP seek to change consumer behavior and set a new mold for how we shop and pay.

Banks are pledging to make better use of mobile applications to bring banking products closer to the customer, in the process redefining how we view the retail banking customer experience. Groupon has responded to criticism that it is impotent beyond stimulating customer acquisition and trial and has introduced Groupon Rewards as well as partnering with Foursquare to find synergy in location based marketing and the daily deal.

The convergence of loyalty, payments, and the mobile handset will continue at a faster pace during 2012.


We invested significant time gathering information and creating position papers on Social Loyalty, Social CRM, and Social Shopping during 2011. Clients as well as conference delegates wanted to absorb as much as they could on these topics and the buzz made us question if everything involving “loyalty” and “social” might dissolve away as just the latest marketing fad.

It’s not going to happen. In fact, 2012 will be the year when many brands put their PowerPoint presentations on the shelf and move to implement more social channels into their customer strategies. Consumer 2.0 is making purchase decisions differently than before and will be delighted by elegant ways to locate and evaluate local shopping offers via their mobile device. The social aspect comes in the form of interactions via social shopping networks like Zavee.com or by engagement with game-fueled loyalty programs where referral and recommendations lead visibly to purchase.

Three words that will define Loyalty Marketing in 2012: Data, Mobile and Social. I’m sure you can make an argument for others.

Let’s hear it.


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