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Zavee Cuts Through the Email Jungle

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Zavee Cuts Through the Email Jungle
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Coming up with brilliant product development and loyalty marketing strategy is the foundation for business success but diligent pursuit of flawless execution makes an idea come to life.

Just the other day, I received an email from Zavee.com which got my attention. Not only did the subject line “Top 5 Mystery Merchants of the Month” stand out in a pile of freshly delivered email competing for attention, but I was compelled to click through the boxes to see which local merchants in my area were offering 20 – 50% cash back.

If you live in South Florida and aren’t a member of Zavee.com, you’re missing the boat. With a merchant group that numbers over 500 and continues to grow each day, you’re probably shopping at merchants in the Zavee social shopping network and missing out on great cash back deals. Membership is free and all you have to do is register the payment cards you regularly use while shopping locally and you’re in the game.

My curiosity had me clicking through each box starting with the 50% cash back and working my way down. One or two of the offers were available on the member’s birthday, one was triggered by first purchase at the merchant, and the other was an “always on” offer.

For example, Tropical Smoothie was offering a daily-deal style 50% cash back offer on purchase made on the member’s birthday. Red’s Backwoods BBQ offered the always-on 20% off with a 5% additional bonus for Zavee.com Gold members. All deals were active for a twelve month period and some encouraged bounce back, being good “on your next visit”.

My enthusiasm for the Zavee email really driven by the effectiveness of the email itself. Though I’m not a copywriter and can’t claim to be an email marketing guru, I can tell you what gets my attention and how to create customer engagement. I can also tell you from client experience what works and what doesn’t. The Zavee email had a subject line that drew me in and  a clearly communicated offer that spoke as much through simple graphics as it did text.

Even the best strategies can fall down if they are not executed well. This Zavee email should be considered a keeper in the daily deal space or for anyone hoping to cut through the email marketing jungle.



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