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Westin and a healthy approach to earning customer trust

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Westin and a healthy approach to earning customer trust
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Good advertising tells us what a product does and why you should buy it. Great advertising expresses what a brand stands for and invites you to share in its beliefs.

The quote above is from Edward Boches, the former Executive Creative Director at the Mullen ad agency, and I think it does a pretty good job of summing up why some advertising not only resonates with customers—its message is so powerful, it wins their confidence and trust. And a company that’s hitting that lofty target right now is Westin Hotels.

With a new global initiative called the Westin Well-Being Movement, the Westin brand seems to be taking a genuine interest in its customers’ health and well-being. The effort includes “innovative partnerships and programs” across what Westin calls its six pillars of well-being: “Sleep Well, Eat Well, Move Well, Feel Well, Work Well and Play Well”. It’s all reinforced by the campaign tag line “For a Better You”.

Westin appears to be delivering on its message and has set up a beautiful Web site to support the program. And looking over the program’s details, it appears they’re backing up their initiative with features that have real value and substance.

Here are a few of the areas that stand out to me:

  • One enticing feature of the Move Well pillar is a “Run Concierge” who can help “turn your workout into an exploration of the locale”. For a runner like me, often hesitant to run in an unknown area, I like this perk a lot. I’ll take an outdoor run over the treadmill any day.
  • The Eat Well pillar offers a signature SuperFoodsRx™ menu developed by doctors and nutritionists “that cultivates ‘food synergy’, the pairing of certain foods to increase their nutritional value so you can focus on meeting challenges of your day”. I’m not sure what it means, but it sounds interesting!
  • With the Play Well pillar you can indulge in a Heavenly Spa by Westin and—and if you’re traveling with kids, drop them at a Kids Club where they “get to explore with a Discovery Pack containing a disposable camera, compass and more…(and enjoy) activities that include storytelling and sandcastle competitions.”

All told, the Well-Being Movement is an initiative that sets Westin apart from its competitors, and also meets Boches’ criteria for great advertising and marketing. It not only expresses what the brand stands for but encourages customers to share in its beliefs.

Bravo to Westin for a program well done.



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