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Today is National Fan Day – Cheer & Earn!

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Today is National Fan Day – Cheer & Earn!
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If you are a sports fan and have a favorite team, today is the day to let the world know. You might gain some cash in the process as well if you play the game here on National Fan Day.

When I was traveling in Latin America a few years ago, someone pointed out the real meaning of Loyalty to me through a closer look at the Spanish language. The literal translation for “Loyalty”  is “lealtad”, but the word used by folks in daily language to describe Loyalty Marketing Programs is “fidelizacion”.

The difference? True loyalty is that heart-felt emotional attachment to our faith, our country, our families and loved ones, even our dog. Fidelizacion referred to the temporary brand affinity caused by well designed incentive programs. I won’t go into it further now, but think about the difference between unconditional love (true loyalty) with the other type we know and love commercially as one that has to be continually fed by smart communications laced with incentives.

One other recipient of our “real” loyalty is our team. I grew up in Cleveland and withstood every joke ever written by late night host stand-up guys as I rooted for the Browns and Indians through disappointing seasons, “Cardiac Kids” and a few gut-wrenching disasters. I still love ‘em both.

Fans are fans and today is the day to get out and show your sports-love to your favorite team. The good news is that by simply having a little fun and giving props to your favorite team, you can take advantage of some great deals that are available only on National Fan Day.

The program is offered by My Fan Rewards and the timing is perfect as fans everywhere try to focus on the fun in the game and forget about lock-outs and collective bargaining agreements for at least a day. Let your friends know about National Fan Day by updating your Facebook status and dropping a comment on the National Fan Day FB page.

It’s the weekend, have some fun. You deserve it.


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