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New Event Calendar for Loyalty Marketers

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New Event Calendar for Loyalty Marketers
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One of the questions I hear from brand marketers on a recurring basis is “what conferences should I attend?”.

As the discipline of Loyalty Marketing continues to evolve and mature, the options available to encounter industry-specific content remain limited.

The Loyalty Expo, held annually by the Loyalty360 organization, has been in place since about 2006. CRMC, a loyalty conference with a heavier retail focus, has similar longevity. Both are well attended.

Adding to the calendar this year is the 2nd Annual Loyalty Academy, a one-day event sponsored by the Customer Strategy Network and The Wise Marketer. The conference will be held this year at the Marriott Fort Lauderdale Harbour Beach Resort on Thursday November 17, 2016.

Marketers today need opportunities to learn from their peers, and the conferences mentioned above advance the discipline of Loyalty Marketing, each in their own way. But marketers need to expand their horizons and learn as much as they can from conferences outside of the traditional loyalty field.

Loyalty Truth has assembled a listing of the conferences that we find worthwhile for consideration on your calendar over the coming year. We’ve provided links to the 2016 events, making it easy for you to search for 2017 dates for events that you missed this year.

You can find the listing here and will see the topics covered range from industry specific verticals such as airline, banking, convenience and fuel retail to those that specifically cover the Payments Industry, Fintech, Customer Engagement and Experience, Word of Mouth Marketing, and much more.

The customers we seek to serve are changing by the day. They are seeking to engage with brands in different ways and through different channels. It makes sense that Loyalty Marketers should expand their points-of-view by soaking up information from new sources.

Here is an insider’s view of “what to attend” and we hope you will find it useful. Browse through the list and I am sure you will find at least one conference that will spark new thought in your business.

This list is a living document and we will add and delete as market conditions change. If you have suggestions, please share them with us.



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Event Calendar for Loyalty Marketers

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