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Congratulations – you just found a dynamic, knowledgeable, and entertaining speaker for your next workshop, customer conference, or industry event. Bill Hanifin is an accomplished presenter, having participated in conferences ranging from the US to Asia to Latin America. Bill brings his engaging and accessible style to every event and delivers content that is clear, memorable, and above all – actionable. Some familiar names where Bill has been invited to speak include:

  • The Direct Marketing Association
  • Terrapinn
  • UNI Strategic Conferences
  • The National Center for Database Marketing (NCDM)
  • Source Media’s Card Forum & Financial Services Marketing Symposium
  • Visa Global Debit Forum
  • America Empresarial Marketing Relacional & CRM

Take advantage of a lively and inventive presenter offering fresh viewpoints on these and other topics:

  • Trends & Innovation in Loyalty Marketing – Examine the fundamental changes taking place in Loyalty Marketing and learn what is required to engage consumers in a multi-channel business world
  • Social Loyalty, the Next Generation of Consumer Marketing – Learn about the transformation of the legacy loyalty business and the keys to successfully adapting your customer strategies to engage the digitally connected consumer
  • Building Brand Loyalty with Generation Y – Learn the latest trends and preferences among the Millennial generation and understand how to engage this powerful group to build brand loyalty
  • Building a Successful Customer Strategy – Understand why “not every business needs a loyalty program” but “EVERY business needs a well conceived and executed
  • Customer Strategy” Innovation in Bank & Card Marketing – Learn answers to the 4 biggest questions posed by bank marketers today and unlock the keys to success in complex bank and payment markets
  • Flawless Execution = Profitability – After you’ve crunched the data and arrived at a brilliant strategy, all you have to do is execute it! Learn the 10 keys to managing data driven marketing programs to successful results
  • Loyalty in Any Language – Multi-national clients demand a different level of insight which is “foreign” to most marketers. This presentation will help you to become “fluent” in the language of cross-border marketing

Bill is also a highly effective seminar leader and delivers customized training programs to private clients and industry organizations.

Call +1-954-247-1428 or +1-954-531-9277 to book Bill for your next event or click here to ask for more information by email.


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