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FlyPIT Perks launches with Thanks Again

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FlyPIT Perks launches with Thanks Again
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Pittsburgh International Airport has announced the launch of FlyPIT Perks in conjunction with Thanks Again LLC. FlyPIT is a customer loyalty program that allows members to earn points as they park, dine, and shop their way through their travel day. 

The launch comes at an exciting time for the Pittsburgh airport as they have just completed a refurbishment of its highly successful Airmall, a retail complex within security that consists of more than 70 stores and, according to John Kruisselbrink, VP Development with the airport, had $56 million in sales in 2013. Mr. Kruisselbrink stated in this article that he expects sales to increase by 15-20% this year.

Thanks Again operates an airport coalition loyalty program  and covers over 170 airports and 20,000 local businesses in the US. The program is developing internationally and is expanding to serve airports in Europe, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

This joint customer loyalty effort is significant in terms of giving frequent travelers a quicker way to accumulate value in the program and earn rewards. It’s one thing to earn points while buying a newspaper and bottled water, quite another to earn points on a few hundred bucks dropped in a clothing or electronics retailer while killing time between flights.

The next time I’m flying through PIT, be assured I’ll try this program on for size.



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