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Big Data – Quote of the Week

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Big Data – Quote of the Week
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Participating in the 2013 Chief Marketing Office Leadership Forum this week in New York, I presented an overview of Loyalty Marketing trends for 2013, together with the framework of Contextual Loyalty, the subject of a newly published e-book which will be available next week on this site.

The genesis of our thoughts for Contextual Loyalty were three words that we used to guide our thinking on Loyalty Marketing during the year.

The three words?

  • Data
  • Social
  • Mobile

There has been so much said about Big Data over the past year, with a growing recognition of the importance of using data analytics and predictive modeling to drive results through business intelligence. Our take is that loyalty marketers have collected so much information about their members, that the opportunity is to leverage what we already have while we take time to sort out the more complex issues of Big Data.

In a later session, Angela Tribelli, Chief Marketing Office Harper Collins Publishing, ratified my instincts about Big Data. Her quote of the week says it all:

“If we could judge the importance of Big Data by the number of book proposals we are receiving on Big Data, then I would say it is hot, hot, hot”



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