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7-Eleven invests as Belly raises $12Million

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7-Eleven invests as Belly raises $12Million
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Belly announced a significant money raise of $12 Million, but the inclusion of 7-Ventures, the venture capital arm of the nationally known convenience store chain was the biggest part of the news.  Marking the emergence of a trend known as “outsourced R&D”, 7-Eleven is reported to be making an investment as a strategic move to get a first hand view of how digital loyalty players like Belly can improve their core business and this article mentions the potential financial return on the venture investments is “an added benefit” and not the end goal.

Having already made an investment in a coffee company, 7-Ventures has its eye on Belly to “study how the functioning and benefits of a loyalty network — one comprising multiple merchants — might differ from a loyalty program tailored to a specific retailer”.

Could 7-Eleven have its eye on a coalition program in the future?


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